I’m think highly of myself, but I am humble.

I want to care and nurture someone other than just myself. The process of doing something for someone that I care about is my greatest reward in life.

Devotion is a word that best describes who I am and what I want - it encompasses how I live my life in every aspect and what I need in return.

At work today…..

Engineer: depressive tone “Oh man its been one rough day, just, wow……….. I need a drink”

** walks over to the fridge and pulls out a can of diet coke, opens it, and takes a dramatic, melancholic swig **

some people are so self destructive


ARK Alexander Remizov

For architecture two aspects are of higher concern: the first one is maintenance of security and precautions against extreme environmental conditions and climate changes. The second one – protection of natural environment from human activities. The Ark project makes an attempt to answer these challenges of our Time. The Ark project was designed on the basis of international experience received from the UIA Work Program “Architecture for Disasters Relief” and according to the concept of a bioclimatic house with independent life support sources. In such buildings provision is made for an independent life support system including elements ensuring a closed functioning cycle.

Interesting concept, thanks c4tosaur!

(via goodideaexchange)